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Pool picture fun

Pools are fun in the summer.

So are waterproof cameras in the pool.

My cousin Angelique... or her fist at least

Bubbles are fun.

Pictures where the water catches the light are particularly awesome

Especially when it’s a picture of the surface… from underneath.

Here thar be monsters! Or ghosts... You pick.

(note: these are all unedited… so far)

And finally, pictures that have been unrealistically tweaked for the sheer purpose of making them look cool are fun beyond description.

I sincerely hope you find these pictures as awesome as I do. If not, can’t help you.

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer.

~ Timothy


One response to “Pool picture fun

  1. whisper August 17, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    These are fantastic pictures! Underwater cameras are incredible. I didn’t know, however, that it took tweaking to get them to look so particularly awesome.

    I especially love the views of the sky from underwater – I’ve always wished I could photograph that sub-aqueous view. 😀 Very very cool.

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