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Let us pray

As a new school year rolls around and classes begin anew, I’m willing to bet that we all have friends, maybe even family, that are going away for the first time to college. I know I do.

Some are going far away, some right around the corner. Some to extremely prestigious universities, some to extremely obscure schools. Some to communities filled with godly Christ-seeking people, some to places of absolute depravity and spiritual emptiness.

All of them need our prayer.

Let us pray that they will have smooth transitions and adjust quickly into whatever their new situations may be. Let us pray that God will bring the right company to them, that they can pour themselves out into and likewise be poured back into in fellowship. Let us pray that God will use their new circumstances to challenge them, both spiritually and intellectually, but in a way that builds them up and makes them stronger, not in a way that only serves to discourage and dishearten them. Let us pray that wherever they are, God will shine His light through them and use them for His glory, that they would be bold and go looking for opportunities to spread His name further.

Let us pray for them.


One response to “Let us pray

  1. Janice Hidey September 1, 2011 at 3:45 am

    Thanks, Tim. I can’t remember a time except when I was in high school that I knew so many folks starting college this year. I have been praying for them and appreciated your prayer.

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