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Videofest: Two recommendations

I have two excellent videos to bring to your attention.

#1: Until Next Time (Say Goodbye – Skillet)

This video was made (conceived, directed, edited, and performed) by my older brother Jonathan, who’s a dance major right now in community college. He made it as a going-away gift of sorts for four close, leaving-for-college friends, all of whom I also know and hold dear to my heart.

Making it public was slightly delayed because of copyright issues, but it’s here at last, and I’m really excited it’s online now! I hope that you enjoy the artistry and message behind it, and that you see the heart with which it was created.


#2: The 180 movie – Ray Comfort

This video is incredible (though by no means a “happy occasion” video).

Ray Comfort, master evangelist, basically went out onto the street and talked with random people. And he got some incredible responses.

The video’s 33 minutes long, and in my opinion, well worth your time. For almost half an hour after watching it, I just sat in silence and pondered what I’d just seen and heard. There are some very sobering scenes in it. I’d discuss more, but frankly it’s better if you just watch it without knowing much about it beforehand (note: evangelism is not the main topic).

You can find it here. Be warned that there is some graphic content.

I hope it impacts you as deeply as it impacted me.

~ Timothy

P.S. These two videos have no relation to each other whatsoever, so don’t go looking for hidden connections that don’t exist. =)


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