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A poem for thanksgiving

Note about the following poem:

My mom asked me to write a poem for Thanksgiving to send out to her real estate clients, and here’s what I came up with. Please take it in all goodwill; otherwise, I’m afraid the tone gets rather preachy. Apologies for the convoluted language, abrupt stanzas, and Yoda-grammar (the price of writing poetry that rhymes). Enjoy!

How Do You Show Your Thankfulness?

How do you show your thankfulness
For all you have received?
How is your gratitude expressed
And through life daily weaved?

Are you thankful for possessions yours
Whatever they may be?
Does your gratitude then man the oars
Of stewardship, and generosity?

For the wealth you own, be it small or great,
Do you show your thanks in full?
Do you wisely spend, in prudence refrain
And respond to the needy’s pull?

If you’ve a job, is thankfulness
Evident in all your work?
Are your peers and boss, to have you, blessed?
Do you give no cause for irk?

Health is a blessing of unfelt bliss
However much we bear.
How do you show your thanks for this?
Does your body receive due care?

What of close friendship’s sturdy hill?
How displays your gratitude here?
Do you listen, encourage, and practice goodwill
Among friends you hold dear?

And for the gift of family
How is your thanks made known?
Is time spent in loving quality
Are seeds of kindness sown?

For freedoms paid for and received
Of belief, and petition, and speech,
Do you exercise them with gravity
And about them others teach?

For the glories of a wondrous world
And a Nature of great beauty,
Do you gratefully heed all of her pearls
And all her miracles see?

And for life itself, that blessed gift
Renewed with each today,
How do you show your thankfulness
For each borrowed breath and day?


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