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More Dancing Lights

The moon... a marginal success I'd say

The third in the series! (Here were the other two: #1 and #2)

Admittedly, my “technique” (if you can call fooling around with a camera at random an activity involving technique) at this point is still pretty sloppy, but I still got some cool pictures I think. After that historic car ride where I rediscovered this concept (what I call “dancing lights,” officially known to the rest of the world as “light-painting”), I went home and looked for objects that could become victims of my new obsession hobby.

One night, I was outside and I noticed we had some lovely garden decorations that light up in the night (some of which changed color every few seconds). I couldn’t resist taking a few; and as awful as I am at it, I also couldn’t resist trying to give them elegant names, as if they were worthy of hanging in an art gallery somewhere. Anyway, here they be:


These were just plastic globes with a small light in the center, but they reminded me of plasma globes when in motion.

"Colori Vivaci"

I’m afraid this one doesn’t quite live up to its name. This was the only one I edited to try to bring out the colors (they were just too dim), and it still wasn’t overly successful.

"Dragons! Or sea slugs..."

Always get them confused.

"We Three Kings"

Does anyone else see the resemblance?

"Hummingbird with shadow over pool"

So much for creative naming…

"Portal magic"

Step through, and you’ll probably end up in some strange neon-colored land.

As always, more to come in the future!

~ Tim


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