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Whoops… missed it (aka Concerning comments)

To anyone who has faithfully or even only occasionally checked this blog the past few weeks waiting for a new post:

First, I apologize for the lack of consistent posting. My life has been infiltrated by, as a friend of mine once said, “Matters of Strange Nature like so many wombats.” A post about that is coming soon, but suffice to say that I haven’t been able to chronicle it quite yet. I will try to do so soon, now that the dust is finally settling somewhat.

Secondly, I just realized today that yesterday was the first anniversary of this humble little blog (*party buzzer*). Hopefully, this forgettance is not a habit that will follow me into my married years… At any rate, this calls for an extra bit of reflection.

It feels like many moons ago when I set out to create this blog. Since then, I’ve reread  what I laid out to be my purpose (about this blog) several times, and been humbled by the loftiness of my goal more than once.

One thing that I said then and still maintain is the encouragement to leave comments. Let me explain:

I will maintain this blog for as long as God makes it possible for me to do so and I have reason to believe that it is achieving in some way, however small, its purpose: to glorify the Maker.  I know not what ripples may result from what I’ve done here; I know for certain that many a time, the simple post of another has stirred me in a way that that person will never fully know. For this reason, because God may be able to redeem the simple nonsense and honesty I pour out here in some way in someone’s life, I will continue to write, reflect, and share, even if I never again receive any feedback.

But at the same time, I’m not going to lie: I love getting comments. I suppose there are different “love languages” even when it comes to blogging. For some it’s getting likes or subscriptions, or having your posts shared with others. For me really, it’s comments; I love hearing how what I have to say resonates or falls short with different people in different ways. I love the random commentaries and “that reminds me of a story…” trails it can begin. And yes, though this may be little more than a selfish impulse, I find it extremely gratifying to hear that what I’ve had to say has somehow encouraged another or given someone reason for thought.

Please don’t mistake me; I am not trying to make anyone guilty for not leaving comments, and if I come across as such, I apologize. If this makes me a blogger who’s lost all dignity by coming to his readers on his knees blubbering piteously for more attention, I apologize for that as well; perhaps that’s what I’m doing. But I guess I just wanted to be honest about how I’ve been feeling about this, because the truth is, I value your comments. Perhaps that’s largely because I don’t usually get very many and I’m overreacting, like a kid who throws a separate celebration for every new Skittle he’s given, but I want you to know that I treasure each comment I receive. Please don’t ever be ashamed to leave me a comment.

One or two of you have told me in person that you’ve tried to leave a comment but for some odd, technical reason, can’t. I haven’t been able to figure out the cause of this, but I have a solution: email me. You all know my email. If you’d like to comment but can’t because of blogging technical difficulties, take another route. I guarantee that I’ll still appreciate what you have to say all the same.

Sorry for rambling (as I am wont to do). Once again, please don’t take this as a guilt-trip attempt. But if you have a thought, a question, a suggestion, a critique, or any other kind of comment, I encourage you to share it with me.

If you’ve been remotely regular in reading this blog, I thank you for bearing with me and my wordiness, and I hope that what I have to offer here is in some small way edifying to you. Thank you for reading so far!

Be back soon with another post,

~ Timothy


One response to “Whoops… missed it (aka Concerning comments)

  1. Janice May 3, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Well, Tim, as a blogger I understand the value of comments and you have been faithful in commenting regularly on my blog. You are one of the students who has continued the blog you created for Omnibus. That is an accomplishment and makes me fell proud that I had something to do with it. Of course, I started my own blog sometime last summer so you got started before me. Keep up the great work.

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