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Monthly Archives: October 2012

An exceptional (and very temporary) substitute

Videos make poor substitutes for substantial blog posts (especially on a long-term basis). But on occasion, I suppose, we can allow for exceptions.

My brother went to San Diego last week with his dance company! Seeing how much he’s grown as a dancer never fails to amaze me, and I know he enjoys what he does profusely. Let’s just say that I’m proud of him.

If you’re not familiar with urban dance and all its varieties (in this routine alone, they perform house, African, voguing, locking, straight-up choreography, and probably a plethora of other things I don’t even recognize), you may have a harder time appreciating what you see. However, the more exposure you gain, the more you may find yourself respecting, even savoring the pure artistry and dedication of many of these dancers, as well as their craft (at least that’s been my experience). Your preferred style of dance may ever belong on the opposite end of the spectrum from these, but I think learning to admire from afar is something all partakers of art experience at one time or another. At any rate, I think the unity executed in this piece is a quality any dancer can appreciate.

See for yourself:

I don’t celebrate Halloween, or consider myself a fan of the whole Haunted House business. I understand that other people may enjoy it, but frankly, I don’t see much of a point to it all.

But this I can appreciate:

Wishing you well,

~ Timothy


On my lack of posting…

I’ve said this far too many times for it to sound remotely sincere anymore, but I do realize my abhorrent lack of posting new things recently, and I apologize…

Since I’ve embarked on this new adventure we call college, I have never had so many things to blog about… and so little time to actually blog them. So, to rectify this gross wrong, I suppose I have a few options:

I could try to post more often but generally have shorter posts. That may happen to a degree, but I hope to keep burdening you with my excessively long-winded and drawn-out posts at least somewhat. At any rate, I am now trying to set aside a time every week devoted to working on bringing something new and worthwhile to the table. That probably will not result in a new post every week, but I’ll hopefully have something to show for it more often than I do currently.

As always, many thanks to those who persist in remaining faithful to this little blog. I owe anything that has been of value here to the Giver of every good gift, though I’m afraid I have to take full credit for the mess that usually surrounds it.

Here’s to praying for more of His wisdom to be proclaimed, His power to be revealed, and His love to be displayed!


~ Timothy