The fancies and reflections of a loquacious ninja

Let it begin

Well, dear friends, it is finished. My first semester at college has come to an end and I am home once more. It has been a journey overflowing with fulfillment and growth, challenge and adventure, fun and laughter, all interwoven into an incredible tapestry of God’s grace and faithfulness.

As mentioned previously, I’d never had so many things to post about and so little time to actually complete the posting process. Consequently, my draft folder has accumulated several tagalongs — poor embryonic, half-formed things that I tried to raise to maturity and set loose on the world, but ran out of time to fully refine and develop.

But until January, I quite literally have almost nothing to do before I head back for my next semester. My hope is this surplus of time will yield an increase of posting; only keep in mind that many of the things I’ll be posting on probably took place many weeks ago. Hopefully, they will be entertaining, encouraging, and edifying in their own way just the same.

Be back soon,

~ Timothy


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